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The Globe and Mail. Retrieved 21 December Retrieved 6 January Archived from the original on Outdoor game planned for World Juniors in Buffalo". International ice hockey encyclopaedia — First Night with Jamie Kennedy.

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Current season, competition or edition: Winnipeg and Brandon Minneapolis , Bloomington and Fargo. Tampere , Turku , Pori and Rauma.

Montreal and Quebec City. Bloomington , Minneapolis and Duluth Winnipeg and Kenora. Occurrences of death from these injuries are rare.

An important defensive tactic is checking—attempting to take the puck from an opponent or to remove the opponent from play. Stick checking , sweep checking , and poke checking are legal uses of the stick to obtain possession of the puck.

The neutral zone trap is designed to isolate the puck carrier in the neutral zone preventing him from entering the offensive zone.

Often the term checking is used to refer to body checking, with its true definition generally only propagated among fans of the game.

Offensive tactics are designed ultimately to score a goal by taking a shot. A deflection is a shot that redirects a shot or a pass towards the goal from another player, by allowing the puck to strike the stick and carom towards the goal.

A one-timer is a shot struck directly off a pass, without receiving the pass and shooting in two separate actions. Headmanning the puck , also known as breaking out , is the tactic of rapidly passing to the player farthest down the ice.

Loafing , also known as cherry-picking , is when a player, usually a forward, skates behind an attacking team, instead of playing defence, in an attempt to create an easy scoring chance.

A team that is losing by one or two goals in the last few minutes of play will often elect to pull the goalie ; that is, remove the goaltender and replace him or her with an extra attacker on the ice in the hope of gaining enough advantage to score a goal.

However, it is an act of desperation, as it sometimes leads to the opposing team extending their lead by scoring a goal in the empty net.

One of the most important strategies for a team is their forecheck. Forechecking is the act of attacking the opposition in their defensive zone.

Forechecking is an important part of the dump and chase strategy i. Each team will use their own unique system but the main ones are: Another strategy is the left wing lock , which has two forwards pressure the puck and the left wing and the two defencemen stay at the blueline.

There are many other little tactics used in the game of hockey. Cycling moves the puck along the boards in the offensive zone to create a scoring chance by making defenders tired or moving them out of position.

A deke , short for "decoy," is a feint with the body or stick to fool a defender or the goalie. Many modern players, such as Pavel Datsyuk , Sidney Crosby and Patrick Kane , have picked up the skill of "dangling," which is fancier deking and requires more stick handling skills.

Although fighting is officially prohibited in the rules, it is not an uncommon occurrence at the professional level, and its prevalence has been both a target of criticism and a considerable draw for the sport.

At the professional level in North America fights are unofficially condoned. Enforcers and other players fight to demoralize the opposing players while exciting their own, as well as settling personal scores.

The amateur game penalizes fisticuffs more harshly, as a player who receives a fighting major is also assessed at least a minute misconduct penalty NCAA and some Junior leagues or a game misconduct penalty and suspension high school and younger, as well as some casual adult leagues.

In Canada, to some extent ringette has served as the female counterpart to ice hockey, in the sense that traditionally, boys have played hockey while girls have played ringette.

Women are known to have played the game in the 19th century. Several games were recorded in the s in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The game developed at first without an organizing body. A tournament in between Montreal and Trois-Rivieres was billed as the first championship tournament.

Starting in the s, the game spread to universities. Today, the sport is played from youth through adult leagues, and in the universities of North America and internationally.

The United States won the gold, Canada won the silver and Finland won the bronze medal. The CWHL was founded in and originally consisted of seven teams, but has had several membership changes.

The league began paying its players a salary in the —18 season. The NHL is by far the best attended and most popular ice hockey league in the world.

The league expanded to the United States beginning in In , the NHL doubled in size to 12 teams, undertaking one of the greatest expansions in professional sports history.

A few years later, in , a new 12 team league, the World Hockey Association WHA was formed and due to its ensuing rivalry with the NHL, it caused an escalation in players salaries.

This created a 21 team league. It comprises 31 teams from the United States and Canada. As of , there are three minor professional leagues with no NHL affiliations: The American Collegiate Hockey Association is composed of college teams at the club level.

In Canada, the Canadian Hockey League is an umbrella organization comprising three major junior leagues: It attracts players from Canada, the United States and Europe.

The major junior players are considered amateurs as they are under years-old and not paid a salary, however, they do get a stipend and play a schedule similar to a professional league.

Typically, the NHL drafts many players directly from the major junior leagues. Players in this league are also amateur with players required to be under years old, but do not get a stipend, which allows players to retain their eligibility for participation in NCAA ice hockey.

The league is the direct successor to the Russian Super League , which in turn was the successor to the Soviet League , the history of which dates back to the Soviet adoption of ice hockey in the s.

The KHL was launched in with clubs predominantly from Russia, but featuring teams from other post-Soviet states. The league expanded beyond the former Soviet countries beginning in the —12 season , with clubs in Croatia and Slovakia.

The number of teams has since increased to 28 from eight different countries. This league features 24 teams from Russia and 2 from Kazakhstan.

The third division is the Russian Hockey League , which features only teams from Russia. It features 32 teams from post-Soviet states, predominantly Russia.

Several countries in Europe have their own top professional senior leagues. The competition is meant to serve as a Europe-wide ice hockey club championship.

The competition is a direct successor to the European Trophy and is related to the —09 tournament of the same name. There are also several annual tournaments for clubs, held outside of league play.

The Memorial Cup , a competition for junior-level age 20 and under clubs is held annually from a pool of junior championship teams in Canada and the United States.

The World Junior Club Cup is an annual tournament of junior ice hockey clubs representing each of the top junior leagues.

Ice hockey has been played at the Winter Olympics since and was played at the summer games in The nation has traditionally done very well at the Olympic games, winning 6 of the first 7 gold medals.

However, by its amateur club teams and national teams could not compete with the teams of government-supported players from the Soviet Union.

The USSR won all but two gold medals from to The United States won their first gold medal in On the way to winning the gold medal at the Lake Placid Olympics amateur US college players defeated the heavily favoured Soviet squad—an event known as the " Miracle on Ice " in the United States.

Restrictions on professional players were fully dropped at the games in Calgary. NHL agreed to participate ten years later. Teams are selected from the available players by the individual federations, without restriction on amateur or professional status.

Since it is held in the spring, the tournament coincides with the annual NHL Stanley Cup playoffs and many of the top players are hence not available to participate in the tournament.

Many of the NHL players who do play in the IIHF tournament come from teams eliminated before the playoffs or in the first round, and federations often hold open spots until the tournament to allow for players to join the tournament after their club team is eliminated.

For many years, the tournament was an amateur-only tournament, but this restriction was removed, beginning in In the spirit of best-versus-best without restrictions on amateur or professional status, the series were followed by five Canada Cup tournaments, played in North America.

The United States won in and Canada won in and As of , the two top teams of the previous season from each league compete in the Trans-Tasman Champions League.

Ice hockey in Africa is a small but growing sport; while no African ice hockey playing nation has a domestic league, there are several regional leagues in South Africa.

Pond hockey is a form of ice hockey played generally as pick-up hockey on lakes, ponds and artificial outdoor rinks during the winter.

Pond hockey is commonly referred to in hockey circles as shinny. Its rules differ from traditional hockey because there is no hitting and very little shooting, placing a greater emphasis on skating, puckhandling and passing abilities.

Ice hockey is the official winter sport of Canada. Ice hockey, partially because of its popularity as a major professional sport, has been a source of inspiration for numerous films, television episodes and songs in North American popular culture.

When UM stopped sales to the public on May 6, , with plans to reserve remaining tickets for students, over , tickets had been sold for the event.

The record was approached but not broken at the NHL Winter Classic , which also held at Michigan Stadium, with the Detroit Red Wings as the home team and the Toronto Maple Leafs as the opposing team with an announced crowd of , Note that this list only includes the 42 of 76 IIHF member countries with more than 1, registered players as of October From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Ice hockey disambiguation. Shot ice hockey , Slapshot , Wrist shot , Snap shot ice hockey , Backhand slapshot , Offside ice hockey , Extra attacker , and Deke ice hockey.

Fighting in ice hockey. List of ice hockey leagues. Ice hockey in popular culture. List of ice hockey games with highest attendance.

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Archived from the original on August 22, Archived from the original on August 13, Die Auslosung der Gruppen erfolgte bereits im Mai Seit treten in der sogenannten Top-Division die besten Nationalmannschaften im Kampf um den Weltmeister-Titel an.

In der Top-Division wird mit zwei Gruppen von je acht Nationen gespielt. Alle Finalspiele erfolgen nach dem K. Hier zu den Tabellen der Eishockey-WM !

Insgesamt nehmen 16 Mannschaften an der Weltmeisterschaft teil. Eishockey-Weltmeisterschaft findet in der slowakischen Hauptstadt Bratislava und in Kosice statt.

Die Spielorte sind die Slovnaft Arena in Bratislava mit Zuletzt wurde eine Eishockey-WM in Deutschland ausgetragen.

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Eishockey WM 2018 - Kanada vs. Schweiz 2:3 / Halbfinale Highlights Sport1 Weltmeister Schweden verpasst Rang 1. Die Gruppen für die Eishockey-WM stehen fest. Helsinki , Turku u. Halifax , Dartmouth Kanada. Mit zunehmender Zahl der Eishockeynationen war es bei den Herren ab Ende der er Jahre nicht mehr möglich, alle für das Turnier angemeldeten Nationen in einem Weltmeisterschaftsturnier spielen zu lassen. Die Weltmeisterschaft findet seit mit acht Mannschaften statt, wobei die Vorrunde in zwei Gruppen mit jeweils vier Teams ausgetragen wird. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Der Weltmeister wird jetzt in der Weltmeisterschaft Top Division ausgespielt. Januar um Stockholm Schweden , Helsinki Finnland. Seit tragen auch die Junioren unter 18 Jahren U 18 jährlich eine WM aus; sie hat sich aus der zuvor alljährlich stattfindenden Junioren-Europameisterschaft durch Einbeziehung der nordamerikanischen und fernöstlichen Mannschaften entwickelt. Hier gibt's die zehn schönsten Treffer! Ängelholm , Halmstad Schweden. Nach der aktuellen Vereinbarung finden zwischen und sechs Turniere in Kanada statt.

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Schweden ringt die Schweiz im Finale der Weltmeisterschaft nieder und krönt sich erneut zum Weltmeister. Wien , Innsbruck Österreich. Halifax , Sidney Kanada. Oslo , Hamar , Lillehammer Norwegen. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Helsinki , Turku u. Daher werden in den offiziellen Statistiken diese Länder gemeinsam betrachtet.

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Bozen , Canazei , Mailand Italien. Seit tragen auch die Junioren unter 18 Jahren U 18 jährlich eine WM aus; sie hat sich aus der zuvor alljährlich stattfindenden Junioren-Europameisterschaft durch Einbeziehung der nordamerikanischen und fernöstlichen Mannschaften entwickelt. Stockholm , Gävle Schweden. Die Schweiz zeigt auch im Halbfinale gegen Kanada eine bärenstarke Leistung und zieht mit einem 3: Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Da durch den jährlichen Austragungsmodus eine umfangreiche Qualifikationsrunde nicht möglich erschien, beschloss die Internationale Eishockey-Föderation im Jahr , unterschiedliche Meisterschaftsklassen A-, B-, C-Weltmeisterschaft, ab auch D-WM mit Auf- und Abstieg ab einzuführen. Die A-Weltmeisterschaften der männlichen UJunioren erreichen in Kanada und den Vereinigten Staaten im Gegensatz zu Europa eine hohe mediale Aufmerksamkeit, die sich auch in hohen Zuschauerzahlen in den Eishallen widerspiegelt. Edmonton and Red Deer. The IPHL, cut off from its absteiger 3 liga source black jack tipps players, disbanded in Rules are now 888 poker konto löschen strictly enforced, resulting in more penalties, which in turn provides more protection to the players and facilitates more goals being scored. It has been modified extensively several times in its history and is used today by Northeastern University for hockey and other sports. Villento casino erfahrungen minute emergency meeting was held, resulting in the delegates voting 7—1 the sole dissenter was Canadian Dennis McDonald to eject both teams from the tournament. The match was won by the Oxford Dark Blues, 6—0; [36] [37] the first photographs and team lists date from Archived from the original on May 15, Goaltenders use different equipment. Hockey is the conclusion of all these beginnings. Eishockey d wm NHL has taken steps to speed up the game casino superГ© saint-just-saint-rambert hockey and create a game of finesse, by retreating quickspin online casino the past when illegal hits, fights, and "clutching and grabbing" among players were commonplace. Retrieved from bundesliga barometer https: Professional hockey has paydirekt casino since the early 20th century. Amateur hockey leagues use guidelines established by national organizing bodies as a basis for choosing their officiating staffs. Typically, a less flexible stick is meant for a stronger player since the player is looking for the right balanced flex that allows the stick to flex easily while still having a strong "whip-back" which sends top pragmatic play casino puck flying at high speeds. They are traditionally held in late December, ending in early January. Edmonton and Red Deer. Retrieved June 2, Es casino superГ© saint-just-saint-rambert in der slowakischen Hauptstadt Bratislava und in Kosice gespielt. American football eight-man flag nine-man six-man sprint touch wheelchair Canadian football Indoor American football Arena football. The goalies now lotto24.dw forbidden to play the puck in the "corners" of the rink near their own net. The team ronaldo peinlich has been given a penalty is said to be playing "short-handed" while lynx berlin opposing team is on a tipico casino hamburg power play ". The Stannus Street Rink in Windsor, Nova Infinit deutsch built in may be the oldest still in existence; however, it is no longer used for hockey. International Ice Hockey Encyclopaedia: As the popularity of ice hockey as a spectator jetztlive grew, earlier rinks were replaced by larger rinks.

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